One of my tenancies is ending

We make returning deposits quick and simple

Our repayment process is easy to use


We know how valuable your time is. That’s why we make returning the deposit to your tenants or claiming deductions simple. Whether you’ve protected the deposit in our Custodial or Insured scheme, when you reach the end of a tenancy we’ll guide you through every step.


Ending a tenancy


Your tenants are moving out

What to do when your tenants first notify you that they're moving.

The check-out process explained


How to start deposit repayment

Get the ball rolling to begin the repayment process.

Starting deposit repayment


Complete the deposit repayment process

How the repayment process ends.

Completing the repayment process


If there’s a problem completing the repayment process

If there’s a stumbling block to completing the repayment process, we’ll help you through it.

Help completing the repayment process